The Petty Bitch :)

Maria Garsa is a Passionate Latina Graphic Designer.

Maria Garsa is a passionate Latina feminist that loves eating sandwiches while she designs. She embraces her creativity by creating art that she has fun making. She also embraces her inner child with her outfits and makeup—I want to be a pretty pretty princess.

She is driven to create culturally competent designs. She wants to work at creative companies that designs with empathy for/with the audience.

However, Maria is also a petty bitch. If you treat her or someone else wrong, then she wants you to kick rocks and eat sand. She will also hold a grudge if you kick a kitten.

My everyday life involves working on design, including brand identity, illustration, social, web design, on an extra special day: wire sculpting. I love experimenting with design and learning new ways for bettering my art. Visual design is a powerful tool that is used in everyday life; it has an impact on communities based on the message.

Ingredients to create culturally competent design: empathy. Designers develop empathy to understand the world outside of themselves. I use my background to design—I use my perspective to tell stories for the audience. To tell people’s narratives, designers need to understand who they are and have education there. Designers need to learn those perspectives if they are not part of that community or demographic. I lived in a community where it was very diverse so I had the opportunity to learn and spend time with people inside and outside of my culture.

Design takes a lot of deep breathing and educating.