Key Art

The Little Prince

The Hollywood Reporter defines the term “key art” as “the singular, iconographic image that is the foundation upon which a movie's marketing campaign is built.” It is the image that appears on the film poster, in magazine ads, on the DVD/Blu-Ray Cover and on the streaming movie thumbnail.

From a graphic design perspective, key art can be extended from the realm of film to any intellectual property. A book cover, an album cover, a game cover—all of these have key art that is repurposed across the marketing campaign. And the good key arts—the ones that leave a lasting impression—immediately bring to mind a title, without ever having to show it. They have become a part of pop culture—they are iconic and they are memorable.

Demonstrate the creative process, advanced image-making skills, and integrated understanding of typography. Emphasis on visual metaphor, and primary themes. Avoid photos, images, or repurposed art from the source. Integrate the physical and the digital through combined methodologies. Your graphic will employ at least three methodologies. One of your methodologies must begin outside of the computer. The other 2 methodologies must come from 2 different pieces of software. Typography must be integrated into the poster, it should be considered and look "at home" in the composition.


Analog Clouds

Final Design